It is our pleasure being able to help with so many different grants for our New Caney School District schools. Here is the list of teachers that were awarded, the name of their grant project, and the amount awarded in each grant.

Bens Branch Elementary School
  • Bianca Gonzalez/Mallet Madness/$3916.95
  • Paula Hall/Headsets for Google Read and Write/$1799.55
  • Barb Averill/Garden of Learning/$1888.81
Robert Crippen Elementary School
  • Krista Keiser/Fun STEM for Kids/$999.36
Dogwood Elementary School
  • Tracy Spears/ Through First Grade/$2745.00
  • Lieren Guillotte/Breakout EDU/$750.00
  • Allison Scott/Fidgets Helps Us Focus/$663.89
  • Robin Cummings/Everybody Can Read/$2039.95
Infinity Early College High School
  • Nancy Howley/Science Success Drives Innovation!/$4946.04
  • Jamie Siel/Citizen Scientists in the Making/$4999.36
Keefer Crossing Middle School
  • Andy Pearson/Keefer Kitchen/$535.23
Kings Manor Elementary School
  • Julie Jeffs/Go Ahead! Graffiti Away!/$916.02
  • Julie Jeffs and Literacy Committee/It Takes A Village/$3402.71
  • Meri Plymell (for the KME Writing Team)/KME Writer’s Training Camp/$4953.46
  • Sandy Yanes/Moving Minds in 2nd Grade/$4944.84
New Caney Elementary School
  • Dawn Everton/Uke’ Can Do It!/$1041.67
  • Dawn Everton/Staging and Arranging in Music/$3538.00
  • Cindy Baker/PATHS: Social Emotional Learning Curriculum/$3716.00
New Caney High School
  • Tamara Burson/Reading is for Everyone: Science/$4582.00
  • Janesa Blouin/Productive Adult Citizens Engaged Socially/$822.72
  • Jeri Rae Kent/Pottery Wheels for NCHS Ceramics Studio/$4998.51
New Caney Middle School
  • Heather Fike/Live Performances WOW! Let’s GO!/$2112.00
  • Carrie Dickinson/We like to Read It, Read It in Science/$2392.00
Oakley Elementary School
  • Kathryn White/Optimal Learning with Osmos/$910.70
  • Lori Brady, Counselor/Manners of the Heart: Silly or the Missing Link in Education?/$4400.00
  • Mitzi Morkisch/Making Learning an Island Adventure/$1674.00
  • Megan Kulak/The Learning Lounge/$802.95
  • Debby Shewmake/Attendance Rocket Room/$2949.13
Porter High School
  • Major Wes Sagendorph/AFJROTC Marksmanship Team/$5000.00
Sorters Mill Elementary School
  • Libbie Davidson/Broadcast with Padcast = good “news” for SME/$1519.99
  • Melissa Clifton/Getting Fit With DrumFit!/$3279.99
  • Anysia Callis/U-make-a-me wanna Ukulele!/$1458.04
Tavola Elementary School
  • Gia Riley/Tavola STEAM Academy/$3956.41
Woodridge Forest Middle School
  • Candace Leonard/zSpace- The Ultimate Learning Experience/$4825.00
  • Charles Michael Smith/Capturing Priceless Moments/$4386.89
  • Karri McKissick/Why Try – The Reality Ride/$2008.00
White Oak Middle School
  • Debbie Saul and Thalia Gomez/All The World’s A Stage-set pieces for White Oak theater and choir/$4595.00

Total Awarded in 2017 $222,033.24

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