Mission Statement

The New Caney ISD Education Foundation exists to enrich, maintain and expand programs necessary to meet the District’s stated mission of academic excellence.

Our Beginnings

In 2013, leaders from local businesses and the community have formed the New Caney ISD Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, designed to receive tax-exempt donations from individuals, businesses, philanthropists and corporations in order to enrich the programs in the New Caney Independent School District.

“The group has created the New Caney ISD Education Foundation to give the people in our community a chance to help others in the same special ways New Caney ISD may have helped them,” stated Sylvia Denzlinger, President of the New Caney ISD Education Foundation. “We intend to support a variety of educational projects which otherwise would not exist.” Denzlinger is a retired NCISD educator, former school board member, and mother to two daughters who graduated from New Caney High School.

In addition to Denzlinger, the executive committee officers were elected at the Foundation’s regular meeting Monday, October 8, 2013. They include Cynthia Calvert, Vice President of Development; Ted Mandel, Vice President of Administration; and Barbara “Bobbi” Bodenhamer, Treasurer. Directors of the Board also include Angela Allen, Renee Blakeney, Tom Broad, Jim Carson, Tim Davis, Pam Dickson, Scott Hesson, Lary Lawrence, Gary Lemley, Sherry Lemley, Doug McCormick, Diane Moore, Lisa Nicoloff, Judy Porter, Allen Rhoden, Chuck Segrest, Christian Shank, Kenyetta Smith, Corey Turner, Davina Warwick, Brenda Webb, and Charles “Skip” Wuest. Stacey Shipley, representing the New Caney ISD Board of Trustees and Kenn Franklin, Superintendent of Schools, are also voting members of the Board.

It is estimated that there are more than 4,000 public school education foundations in the United States to assist school districts with their financial needs. Approximately 300 of those organizations are in Texas. “Public education has largely relied on the collection of taxes for its support — and yet it has become increasingly evident with an unfair and inefficient funding formula and state budget cuts to education that taxes aren’t sufficient to create and operate schools of the future,” said Franklin. “The Education Foundation will supplement — not supplant — funds collected from taxes.”

“There are many good programs we as parents have wished for over the years that could enrich our children, but which the District simply could not afford with its limited resources,” noted Denzlinger. “The Foundation will give us a chance to help fund these worthwhile programs and projects through innovative teaching grants.”

“The New Caney Board of Trustees is excited about the educational possibilities that the Foundation will open for our students,” Shipley reported. “We anticipate that area businesses and residents will begin to consider the Foundation along with other groups to which they donate. The Foundation intends to create an ongoing program and will publicly announce the results of its fundraising efforts each year.”

The Foundation will accept gifts of cash, checks, property and insurance, and will bequests, as well as in-kind products and services. All donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible. Donations can be sent to the New Caney ISD Education Foundation, 21580 Loop 494, New Caney, TX, 77357. Further information can be obtained by calling (281) 577-8600.

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